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Research & Development is a new department/section under Project Development Division. It was established on 1st of  January 2011
R&D consist of a small team at Prasarana group level, working with 30+ researchers/engineers in other departments/sections in Prasarana's subsidiaries including RapidKL Rail/Bus.
The main research interest is in Passenger Information related R&D.

Objective R&D :
  1. To drive strategic group level research work and development projects
  2. To coordinate internal division/department level R&D activities for group level synergy
  3. To collaborate on multi operators, regulators, agencies & institutes on R&D projects in public transportation
  4. To promote a group wide culture of R&D excellence
  5. To provide centralized support for R&D activities
  6. To consolidate knowledge into common R&D repository.
... with focus on customer-facing products innovations.