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Some news reports on BRT.

BRT Federal Highway
  • Star, 28jul12 - Proposed bus route to ease congestion on Federal Highway“[W]e expect to put up a public display for feedback and comments by August,” said SPAD chief development officer Azmi Abdul Aziz ... 
  • The first phase of the 17km alignment will start at an integrated station at the Batu Tiga Komuter station in Shah Alam, with dedicated bus lanes going along the median of the Federal Highway. 
  • Strategic stops have been planned along the highway such as near Subang Jaya, Sunway Mentari, Asia Jaya LRT and Universiti LRT stations, with the route ending at Central Market ... 
  • Azmi added that the route was expected to be finalised before the end of the year and SPAD would call for tenders then."
  • Lowyat.NET, 29jul12 - BRT will be created in Federal Highway, yahoo! Finally! (News) – posted by Kampung2005, more than 120 posts with some interesting comments by Kampung 2005.
BRT Sunway

Bus Lanes Brickfields
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