The theme of the 12th ITS Asia Pacific Forum and Exhibition in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur is Powering Transformation in Transportation. Intelligent Transport Systems has been a powering enabler of emerging technologies which provides a holistic and total experience for transport stakeholders and users. ITS serves as the technological bridge between driver, vehicle and traffic/road environment, and serves to provide a seamless connection for multi-modal journeys. The key objectives of the 12th ITS Asia Pacific Forum and Exhibition are among:
  • to showcase the latest and best practices in planning, funding, deploying, managing, maintaining and operating ITS solutions and technologies;
  • to review latest and emerging developments in standards and/or harmonization of system architectures;
  • to present various innovations in the varied fields of ITS;
  • to discuss collective operational experiences and lessons learnt;
  • to establish continuing dialogues on (national) policy directions, strategic initiatives, barriers and challenges to the industry; and
  • to report on R&D needs and funding.
The full programme is given on http://www.itsasiapacific2012.com/programme.html (in PDF ), some topics of public transport interest …
  • Day 1
    • Tolling Technologies – Innovations in Electronic Road Pricing: Measuring Scheme Costs, Performance and Acceptability by Andrew Thomas William Pickford
    • Network Management and Operations - ITS Implementation In Malaysian Tolled Highways by Abu Bakar Hashim
    • Fare Management - Study of Bus Service Reliability in Singapore Using Fare Card Data by Der-Horng Lee
  • Day 2
    • Traffic Information System - Developing Real Time Traffic Information System for Road Users Based on Traffic Count Data by Dr. Ir. Rusmadi Suyuti
    • Traffic Information System - Analyzing User Behavior for Personalized Route Planning by Man Li and Weisong Hu
    • Traffic Information System - Setting Up a Traveller Information Platform : Case Study from Singapore by Mohit Sindhwani, Saurav Bhattacharyya
    • Urban Mobility - Intelligent Transport Systems, Enhancing the Multi-Modal Experience by Neil C Perks
    • Urban Mobility - Integrated Transport Information System for Kuala Lumpur by Ir. Dr. Leong Siew Mun
    • Public Transport - Travel Time as a Function of Information Utilisation at Interchanges including Airport Facilities by Syahriah Bachok and Mariana Mohamed Osman
    • Public Transport - A Novel Method for Reduction Delays in Bus Operation by Mohammad Hesam Hafezi and Amiruddin Isamil
    • Public Transport - Effect of Busway Station to Busway Lane Capacity: A Case Study on South East Busway Brisbane by Rakkitha Widana Pathiranage, Jonathan M Bunker, and Ashish Bhaskar
    • Public Transport - A Motivation Approach for Using the Public Transportation by Using the Multimodal Trip by Mohammad Ganji, Mohammad Hesam Hafezi and Riza Atiq O.K. Rahmat
    • Simulation - Predictive Modelling for Urban Transport Network by Ashish Chandra