IT-Trans 2012

Some highlight from this IT-Trans Karlsruhe 15-17 February 2012 conference  …

  • Passenger/Travel information - There is an ongoing discussion about a European multimodal journey planner. The discussion is driving the hotly debated topic of data sharing.
  • Ticketing - There is a trend for moving data from the card to the back office. A unique ID number refers to your data and means of payment: what is ‘ticketing as a service’?
  • Social media - Maybe the most important part of IT-TRANS is the serious introduction of the social media topic - the real customer perspective, a modern means of communication, especially with our younger customers, the link with the new generations.

Some other interesting sessions mentioned in the IT-Trans 2012 conference programme (PDF 4MB)

  • Is there a best practice of journey planning?o   
    • A survey of European journey planners reveals best practice in usability and fulfilling user demandso  
    • Birgitte Woolridge, Marketing Manager, Rejseplanen A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Market update 2 Multi-modal and cross-system passenger information
    • Holger Hartwig, Sales Manager Public Transport, AEG Gesellschaft für moderne Informationssysteme mbH, Ulm, Germany
  • Market update 4 Intelligent Bus Computing
    • Stephen Bennett, Vice President & Managing Director, Clever Devices Ltd., New York, United States of America
  • Market update 6 Automated Passenger Counting (APC) to increase operational efficiency
    • Michael Westermann, Senior Sales Manager, DILAX Intelcom GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Intermodal Transport Control Systems (ITCS) Requirements for planning, operating and optimizing public transportation
    • René Zeller, Head of Business Development, Trapeze ITS Switzerland, Neuhausen, Switzerland
  • Market update 11 Computer based planning system to support workflow in a Transit Association
    • Peter Mott, Director Support & Training, PTV AG, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Marco Remy, Network Planner, Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
  • Market update 12 Public Transport Intelligence: get the most out of your Fare Management System
    • Jean Costantini, Senior Business Advisor, Thales, Bretigny sur Orge, France