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GGCS SG 2011

Google Geo Community Summit, Singapore 30 March to 1 April 2011
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  • Google’s citizen cartographers map out the world - (AFP) 1apr11
    • “You are now the mapping agency of the world, and many of the mapping agencies are recognising that fact,” Google’s geospatial technologist Ed Parsons said at the Google Geo Community Summit attended by contributors from different countries.
    • Indian retiree CNR Nair spends about two hours daily updating mapping information on India. He travels to different places, and even checks if the latitudes tally from the ones on Google Map Maker.
      But mapping out his homeland has not been entirely smooth sailing for Nair.Working without government approval, he initially met resistance from the local police who threatened to arrest him.
      “Google Maps should serve the community,” he told AFP.
  • Map Maker Advocates (2011) - mapping community leaders, currently (i) Africa, Middle East - 13, (ii) Asia Pacific - 18, (iii) Europe - 9, (iv) Latin America - 10.