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Editing information about Monorail station
  • Information about RapidKL Monorail KL Sentral station in Google Maps (15apr11)
    • KL Sentral Monorail cannot edit details
      • ftid=0x31cc49c1c678badf:0xc60ee59b886655b3
    • KL Sentral Monorail Station can edit details
      • cid=13568714435370420671
    • Stesen Monorail Kl Sentral can edit details
      • cid=17646809582388626590
  • When editing details of places gets this information on "Additional editing tools" (15apr11)
    • Interact with other editors like yourself in our discussion forums
    • Uncover more places to edit by searching for *.
      • Found GM feature for "editing details" in "Orchard Road, Singapore" and "Cycle Road, Nottingham, UK".
      • Did not find GM feature for "editing details" in "Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan".
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