Mobile Apps

Public transport mobile applications for Malaysia in general and Klang Valley specifically.
  1. Google Android
    1. Métro  by Patrice Bernard - v0.3.0 Preview -  400 cities including Kuala Lumpur (Rail & Bus)
    2. KL Transport Planner by JWalk - v2.1.7, 9apr2012, 630KB, free - Map, Save Route, Search Nearby, Twitter Updates.
    3. KL Transit Planner by JustMobile - v1.1, 24may2012, 230KB, free - mobile version of .
    4. TransitKL by CruZmZ - v1.2, 15feb2012, 132KB, free - Twitter Status, Set Alert, Map, Fares.
    5. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Transit by Agmo Studio (Steven Low) - v1.0, 28jan2011, 256KB, free - Map, Fares, Info.
    6. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subway by whalemobile - v1.0.3, 11jul2010, 547KB, free - Station Map, POI.
    7. Malaysia Map for LRT & Train by AndroidRich - v3.0, 17aug2012, 500KB, free - Just schematic map.
  2. Apple iOS
    1. Métro  by Patrice Bernard - 400 cities including Kuala Lumpur (Rail & Bus)
    2. KL Train by iReka Soft - v1.1, 15sep2012, 5MB, free - Stations, Maps, Routes, Info.
    3. Kuala Lumpur Train Guide by Doowid Software Solutions - v1.5, 2nov2011, 0.7MB, USD1.99 - Map, Train Lines, Stations, Route Planner.
    4. MalaysiaLRT by Agmo Studio (Tan Aik Keong) - v1.2, 15jun2011,e 1.2MB, USD0.99 - Map, Fare, Info.
  3. Windows Phone
    1. KL Transit Lite by Yalla Apps (Keng Siang Ooi) - v0.2, 20jan2012, 1MB, free - Schematic map, Satellite map.
    2. KL Transit Map by Yalla Apps - v0.1, 18feb2012, 2MB, free - Schematic map only.
    3. KL Transit Map by SC / AppGateway - v1.0.0.0, 7dec2011, <1MB, free - Zoomable schematic map.
    4. Kuala Lumpur Metro by webtropy - v1.0.0.0, 1dec2011, <1MB, USD0.99 - Schematic map.
  4. Reviews
    1. KL Public Transport AppsMobile World March 2012
Benchmark regional/worldwide public transport mobile applications.
  1. My Transport SG Mobile by LTA's MyTransport.SG - comprehensive free PT mobile apps for Android & iOS and also mobile web
  2. OneBusAway developed by University of Washington. - Provide real-time bus arrival information to passengers.
    1. Bus Services - provide bus stops, bus service no, list/map, keyword search
    2. Bus Arrival Time - arrival of buses at specific bus stops (PIS?), current bus and next one.
    3. Premium Buses - Info and route location on map
    4. Park & Ride - park & ride by area, list/map
    5. MRT/LRT - stations with cycling facility info and map, include station operating hours and train frequencies
    6. COE (Certificate of Entitlement) - for owning vehicles, realtime bids & prices by categories 
    7. Parking Guide - Realtime parking lots availability by car parks, with rates
    8. Happening - Events and Promotions
    9. Traffic Camera - show live snapshots of traffic camera at may location
    10. MyConcierge - personalize on one screen, specific bus arrival, traffic camera, carpark & erp rates
    11. Traffic News Alert - traffic update list/map (gathered from twitter?)
    12. Journey Planners - gave 4 choices - Google, GoThere.SG, How2Go, OneMap
    13. Others - Apps Zone, ERP Rates & Gantries, Snap & Send, Traffic Smart, Shuttle Buses, Nite Buses, Taxi, Cycling, Useful Links, Terms & Conditions.
  3. TfL Transport for London, live bus departures mobile web site