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Melaka Tram

  • MRails Tram Melaka - Project Status: 28-12-2011 Received conditional Approval letter by Malaysian Prime minister YAB Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd.Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak from SPAD. 
  • 28jul2011 - Melaka tram project to “go legit”?The Melaka government will apply through the PAD Act for conditional approval for the Melaka Tram project. There will be a 3-months long public display and the public will get their opportunity to give feedback. Following this, if approval is granted by the Minister of Transport, construction may start (or continue, since there are some allegations that construction has already started).
  • 21feb2011 - More missing puzzles follow Melaka tram announcementTRANSIT is quite surprised to learn on last Saturday’s groundbreaking of the Melaka tram project. Among the claims are ... environmentally-friendly tram on NGV ... Cable-free system ... 25-year concession by homegrown MRails (80%) and State-Linked Company (20%) ... Jeya Kumar, who is president and managing director of Mrails International, said they expected the RM272 million tram to be open to the public in May next year ... Jeya Kumar said the Malacca tram corridor would begin from its depot next to the Ayer Keroh toll plaza and head to the heritage zone of Malacca — covering a distance of 40km and serving 11 of 14 major tourist spots. The tram is a rail-borne vehicle, lighter than a train and differs from other locomotives, as the tracks are embedded in the street and is able to accommodate 120 passengers at a time. It caters to the disabled and will operate at 40kph.
  • 15mar2010 - Melaka tram project most troubling - chief minister has introduced a proposal for 50km tram network, using a natural-gas powered tram ... trams are the most efficient and flexible way to move public transport - they have the speed and capacity of an LRT but their cost is far lower ... the Melaka tram is projected to cost about RM10 million per km, compared to the RM250 million per km projected for the extensions of the LRT.