Research Activities

One of the Malaysian government's NKRA is to improve the service level of public transport. The aims have been detailed as below:
  • Raise the modal share to 13% in 2010 and to 25% by 2012 during the morning peak in the Klang Valley, followed by separate plans to also improve public transport in Johor Bahru and Penang
  • Improve reliability and journey times
  • Enhance comfort and convenience
  • Improve accessibility and connectivity such that the percentage of the population living within 400 meters of a public transport route is increased from 63% to 75% in 2012.
As a response to the Malaysian Government's aspiration, we have set up a task force to do an extensive R&D activities to identify and solve the problems that limits the stress-free experience faced by using public transport. We engaged with various parties either internal party (Bus & Rail Operation team, Group Communication Division, Finance etc.), higher learning institutions, or the customers themselves. Since our department's establishment, we have presented our research outputs to numerous internal stakeholders and reputable conferences around Malaysia.