Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology is under the purview of the Prime Minister's Department. It acts as a key interlocutor, bringing together policy, funding and technology to advance high technology interests in Malaysia.
  • Future Rail 2030
    • Future Rail 2030 Presentation to Industry (PDF)
    • Future Rail 2030 Charts Brighter Prospect for the Local Rail Industry - Monday, 20 September 2011. The rail industry players had a fruitful discussion at the Scenario Planning Workshop taken place in Dialogue Room at MIGHT Building recently. The session was organised by MIGHT to create a better path for railway industry in facing future complexity and unpredictability of economic, social and political environment
    • Focus Group 1 - Rolling Stocks & Electrification - Wednesday, 16 November 2011. The Foresight Division, in cooperation with rail related stakeholders and industry players are exploring possible focus areas for rolling stocks and electrification sub-sector for the local railway industry. This meeting is part of a series of focus groups planned to identify size and strength of Malaysian capability and requirement technology and human capital development as well as the potentials market.