28th January 2015 - Pilot Data Collection At KLCC (KLJ) station. Prasarana/USM research collaboration

16th June 2015 - Discussion Between Prasarana and UIA Representatives on Discussing Research Findingd
A meeting to discuss the research findings from researcher team in UIA has been done at their building. Mr. Zulfadzli, post-graduate student from UIA, under supervision of Dr. Syahriah Bachok presented his research findings to Prasarana R&D representatives. Mr. SM Sabri has provided some feedback to his results. The possible future research topics worth for collaboration have been discussed between them.

17th June 2015 - Tour Around Klang valley to test out GTFS data on RapidKL Buses & Rails
Our R&D team has done a half-day tour around Klang Valley using RapidKL's public transit to test out the transit data provided by their journey planner. The comparison has been made between RapidKL journey planner and Moovit mobile apps. The accuracy of ToA, ToD, journey time and stops location between these journey planner are tested.

18th June 2015 - Discussion Between Prasarana and Asia Pacific University Representatives on Possible Project Collaboration
An informal discussion between Prasarana R&D and Dr. Samuel (with his post-graduate student, Ms. Perinba) has been done to discuss the research proposal from their side that intends to conduct the study on improving our PIS. Some feedback have been threw by Mr. SM Sabri and Mr. Hazril to improve further the research scope.

19th June 2015 - Discussion Between Prasarana and UM Representatives on Possible Project Collaboration